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Lisa Elmqvist - Östermalms Saluhall 2022/2023

The assignment was to add functional dividers and screens in given areas and create character and identity for the restaurant Lisa Elmqvist in Östermalms Saluhall.

"LISAS WORLD" became a unique collection of laminated art photographs in glass taken specifically for Lisa Elmqvist's Restaurant and passage towards the fish shop. All 15 glass modules are hand-signed in gold engraving by Jeanette Karsten. The motifs are an exposé of views photographed from a selection of cast art glass created by Jeanette Karsten. She has taken the photos through light refractions and projections in the glasses, which creates dramatic elements that she has captured in unique images. 

The glass artworks contain selected fragments and evoke associations with seafood and fish themes. In addition to the fact that the glass panels consist of transparent functional dividers in the restaurant's interior, they also create an exciting, visual, exclusive and strong identity to the restaurant. The transparent glass panels create an airiness and give the restaurant staff an overview of the premises.

The challenge in the project has been to integrate the glass panels with brass details and specially designed brass profiles with careful measurement and precision in the interior and to illuminate these. Architect and photographer Jeanette Karsten  

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