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Here you can read about some of the media related to ARKDEKO AB.

Winner of Glaspärlan 2024

Jeanette won GLaspärlan 2024 with her project "Lisa's World". Read more at this link. 


Orranäs Glassworks 2022

A press release about Jeanette Karsten's Insideout from Orranäs Glassworks. Tap on the image to view the full picture.


An article from the magazine LJUSKULTUR about Jeanette's project "Lisa's World" for Lisa Elmqivst in Stockholm. Tap on the image to view the full picture. 

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”Utsikt mot himlen” delas ut på Nordbygg _ Glasbranschföreningen_Sida_1JPG.jpg


New glass statuettes made. Click here to read more! 

Article for Forestia-Byggma Group

Discussing trends in 2022 with Jeanette. Click here to read more!

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Joy of Fashion glaspriset för bästa modedesigner i Sverige gick till Lobra år 2012.jpg

Swedish Fashion Council - Price designer

New prize for "Rookies of the Year" within the Swedish Fashion Council. Read more about how the glass figure "Joy of fashion" came into the world by clicking here!

Article in Bo bättre

An article on how a new stairwell can increase the value of your home!  Click here to read more!

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Article in Bo Bättre

The houses were renovated in the 80's in Brf. Solnahus 3 and lost character. Arkdeko was commissioned to freely recreate a character that corresponded to the time when it was built in the 40's. Click here to read more!

Article in Fastighetsfakta magazine

About the complete renovation of the Brf. Beckasinen 17, Stockholm. Where the result was stairwell transformations with architectual identity and "increased quality of life". Click here to read more!

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elephant village pillow stone.jpg

"Elephant village"

The fabric pattern was designed by Jeanette for Frösö Handtryck AB and was launched at Formex Fair Stockholm in various printed colorschemes in 2016. Read more about it here!

Article from Gate Report no.1.

A news coverage about our work in art and creativity. With pictures from my studio in Vasastan, Stockholm.

Liljevalch's spring salon

With her contribution of a bronze sculpture by the name "Bosse with egg", Jeanette was selected to participate in Liljevalch's spring salon 2020. 

Article from Vi i Vasastan

An article about the sculpture "Godess of freedom" that is situated on top of Sweden's only cylinder parking garage that will now be torn down. The future of the sculpture is yet to be decided.

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Claimed the right of her own design

After a 4 and a half year of struggle in court Jeanette Karsten finally won her own rights to the design of "Inside out". Read more in the article from

Project Brf. City-Täby

Arkdeko was commissioned to completely renovate the 8 floor houses,

each with poor lighting, inadequate acoustics, poor color scheme and no identity.

The luminaires came from Cardi Lighting among others, read more about the project here!

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Dalahäst röd, Klässbols Linneväveri.jpg


The fabric pattern was  designed  by Jeanette in 1995 for Ljungbergs Textil AB in various printed colorschemes. Jeanette gave the rights to Frösö Handtryck to continue to manufacture the pattern for some time. The exclusive right to Jeanettes unique pattern was given to Klässbols Linneväveri AB that weaves it since 2015 when the woven version was launched at the Formex fair. Read more about it here!

Association Stockholms Forum-Nybrogatan

Arkdeko  was commisioned to completely renovate the whole basement in the house where the association has many activities for the members. Theatre, library, commercial kitchen, billiard room, conference room, showroom etc.

The luminaires came from Cardi lighting among others, read more about the project here!


Article in Var-Matin France 21 July 2012

An article from the newspaper about the art exhibition "La Vie" at Musée-Galerie Camos, Provence

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Article in Smålandsposten

A colorful designer at Lindshammar Glasbruk in Småland. Click here to read more!

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